Residential & Commercial Cleaning and Disinfecting Services
Protect your staff, clients, patients, family, friends and the public.
Complete Home Disinfecting Service

Your home should be a safe haven, a place of rest. Knowing that it is free of germs and bacteria will allow you to focus on what matters most: your family. Having Sterolux treat your home regularly with electrostatic spray will keep you safe and healthy; it will also help manage offensive odours and mold growth due to the deodorization and disinfection properties of the product. Ensure that you and your loved ones remain healthy and happy.

Complete Healthcare Disinfecting Service One of the main concerns about visiting a hospital or treatment facility is that you’ll be exposed to even more pathogens and viruses. With regular applications of electrostatic spray, patients, doctors, and clinicians can be assured they’ll stay healthy. Cutting-edge technology allows the experts from Sterolux to sterilize rooms without fear of damage to surfaces or sensitive medical equipment. Treatment time is short – from minutes to just over an hour for larger spaces, which means our clients can confidently treat patients without fear of spreading disease and dangerous pathogens.

Commercial Services

Public spaces are some of the least-controlled environments. Bed bugs, people unknowingly carrying contagions, bacteria-laden surfaces: we are exposed to all these and more on a daily basis. With our Electrostatic Spray application by the experts at Sterolux, 99.9% of all bacteria are killed almost instantly. The technology sterilizes against Salmonella, Norovirus, Influenza A Virus and Mold and Mildew and more. The dry-mist properties mean no residue and minimal downtime so rooms & public spaces can be decontaminated from 15 minutes to just over an hour. Elevators, kitchens, lobbies, meeting rooms: all these and more are disinfected, allowing employees and clients to avoid viral outbreaks.
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